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First Week of September


Some of the past week in pictures - marching band, pep rally, Cotillion, softball and pretty morning sky.

Have a wonderful week!
by wiscott | 2013-09-09 21:14 | その他/Misc.

Back to School


This summer went by quick! Although we couldn't finish everything on our 2013 summer-to-do list, we had a good, fun-filled summer. Now we're ready for football, hockey and cross country season to start 001.gif
by wiscott | 2013-08-26 00:36 | その他/Misc.

getting estimates


For car repair 007.gif
by wiscott | 2013-01-30 22:54 | その他/Misc.

staying up late


For homework due next day.
by wiscott | 2013-01-29 21:51 | 学校/School

moon lit walk


by wiscott | 2013-01-27 11:58 | その他/Misc.

lots of stickers!


by wiscott | 2013-01-26 08:47 | その他/Misc.

salt lake city


That's where my husband is this week.
by wiscott | 2013-01-24 08:50 | その他/Misc.

hockey weekend again


Back at the hotel after an early morning game.
by wiscott | 2013-01-21 00:15 | その他/Misc.

missing december


my dear friend sent me this pic this morning. one of many fun things we did last month - an outdoor rink skating in the South.
by wiscott | 2013-01-20 00:09 | その他/Misc.

snow yesterday


first snow this year.
by wiscott | 2013-01-19 00:20 | その他/Misc.